your number one fan

the following is a message i recently received online from a guy i’ve never met and most likely will never know. and while the cynic in me says there’s an 85 percent chance this is total BS and he copies and pastes this very message to hundreds of girls, it actually made me smile and tear up the first time i read it. i guess it’s nice to think maybe for a split-second there was a grain of truth behind it. and maybe it’s important for everyone to keep something like this in the back of their minds for the sake of their self-esteem.

"Hey.. I know you get a million of these and probably don’t have time to respond to them all but.. I just wanted to drop a line, say hello and let you know that I think you are sincerely beautiful. I mean you really are a very pretty girl and I really hope that we might be able to talk and get to know each other a little bit..

When you finally find a guy who catches your eye, let him know that he’s one lucky s.o.b. He’ll probably already realize this but.. tell him one more time from all of us out here who wish we were him.”